Kinetic Upstream Technologies develops solutions that deliver high-performance, cost-saving drilling to unconventional shale markets.

Our products lower well construction costs, reduce nonproductive time, and improve well placement and production.

Faster Drilling

Automated steering control and continuous rotation optimizes ROP.

Accurate Well Placement

Proportional steering control enables smoother, more accurately placed wells.

Simplistic Design

Kinetic’s system is driven by simplicity, lowering cost and improving reliability.

Lowest Total Cost Solution

Low CAPEX and Operating cost, with improved production.

Why Choose Kinetic?

Historically, solutions, such as rotary steerable systems, were only economically viable in expensive offshore operations. Operators drilling onshore were forced to choose between cost and performance.

Kinetic Upstream is changing all that by combining simple, yet unique engineered technologies with a back-to-basics philosophy and collaboration with industry innovators. We bring solutions to key markets that increase drilling speeds, improve well placement accuracy, and lower total costs.

Unconventional Innovation.