Kinetic Upstream is market driven. We utilize our vast experience and continuous dialog with operators and others to clearly define challenges, then craft unique solutions to improve well economics, and transform wellsite operations into a simpler, more reliable experience.

The Kinetic Upstream executive team offers more than 100 years’ experience in developing and commercializing technology, specifically with oil and gas company start-ups and cost-effective rotary steerable systems.

By the Numbers

Startup Experience

Development and Operational Years of Experience

Patents Filed

Jeff Lasater    

Co-Founder; Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer; Director

George Sutherland    

Co-Founder; President and Chief Operating Officer; Director

Gary Althoff    

Vice President, Engineering & Product Development

Dr. Michael Lembeck    

Innovation Engineering Advisor; Advisory Board

Gary Gunn    

Legal Advisor; Advisory Board

Ahmed Allouache    

Financial Advisor; Advisory Board

Manuel Delgado    

Marketing & Branding Advisor; Advisory Board

Hossam Elbadawy    


Unconventional Innovation.