Kinetic Upstream’s patented automated steering platform is the epitome of the team’s simplistic design and development philosophy, and is focused on improving reliability, accuracy, and user operability, while reducing overall well construction costs.

The platform includes a field-serviceable, low-cost rotary steerable system, the DrillComm™ two-way communications sub, easy-to-use surface systems and servicing equipment, the K-Pivot™ stabilizer, and other intelligent BHA components.

The technologies are tailored for your specific drilling application and/or operated independently for a customized BHA approach using your existing fleet of MWD and drilling systems.


Rotary Steerable System

  • Faster ROP and more accurate well placement with 100% drillstring rotation
  • Continuous proportional steering provides smoother, faster drilled wellbores
  • Industry-leading 0 to 17°/100-ft dogleg capability
  • Lowest total cost of ownership system available

DrillComm™ Sub and Konnect™

  • Enables reliable uplink and downlink communications with most existing MWD/LWD systems
  • Wireless linking between BHA components improves speed and reliability of data transmission
  • Allows for short, customized BHA designs for better near-bit sensor and directional performance
  • Enables any mud motor configuration to be run below the MWD, avoiding MARS BHA configurations
  • Distributes inclination, azimuth, pressure and vibration sensors along the BHA

K-Pivot™ Stabilization System

  • Decouples drillstring side and vibration forces from upper BHA components, improving steering capability
  • Reduces BHA stresses, improving BHA reliability
  • Defines BHA bend location, ensuring high dogleg capability and consistency

K-Band™ Automation Software

  • Provides inclination and azimuth cruise control capabilities to improve accurate well placement and automated steering
  • Continuous downhole well replanning ensures the most efficient track to target

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