K-Pivot™ Stabilization

The KINETIC Upstream K-PIVOT™ stabilization technology provides users a tool to improve rates of penetration (ROP), reduce nonproductive time (NPT), and facilitates more efficient well placement.​ ​


Reduced Shock & Vibration Effects

The system can be run slick or stabilized and placed strategically within bottom hole assemblies (BHA) to mitigate the damaging effects of shock and vibration, which include reduced ROP, BHA component failure, and poor steering control.​

The K-PIVOT™ solution allows drillstring vibrations to be absorbed, isolated, and decoupled​ from lower BHA steering components, helping to center and stabilize the bit, which results​ in improved ROP and longer bit life.​

​Vibration absorption, isolation, and decoupling also reduce critical mud motor, rotary​ steering system (RSS), and MWD/LWD component damage, reducing NPT that occurs​ with shock-induced BHA failures.

Improved Reliability & Performance

The K-PIVOT™ system reduces internal BHA deflection​ stresses on steering components, improving system mechanical/electrical reliability​ and performance.​

Increased Accuracy & Efficiency in Well Placement

The K-PIVOT™ system improves the drilling trajectory through more consistent and precise​ control of the bit steering force. Isolation of drill string vibrations/oscillations above a​ steering component, like a mud motor and RSS, provides a more consistent application of​ side force at and below the steering component, resulting in more accurate and efficient​ well placement.​


The K-PIVOT™ stabilization system, when included in your BHA, provides the following benefits:

  • Decouples drillstring side and vibration forces from upper BHA components, improving steering capability
  • Reduces BHA stresses, improving BHA reliability
  • Defines BHA bend location, ensuring high dogleg capability and consistency


KINETIC Upstream Technologies is the best Automated drilling solution.

Historically, high end drilling technologies like Rotary Steerable Systems were designed to attend high dollar offshore operations. Land Operators were forced to sacrifice performance to save cost.

KINETIC Upstream Technologies is a game changer, we combine unique Engineered technologies with a back-to-basics philosophy in collaboration with industry innovators. We provide solutions to markets looking to increase drilling efficiency, improving wellbore placement and accuracy, increasing effective pay zone exposure, resulting in production gains and better ROIs.

We offer Unique Features and Benefits that set us apart from competitors

  • KINETIC systems are rated for 175˚c /347˚f
  • KINETIC systems achieve higher Dog leg rates than most systems in the market, up to 17deg/100ft
  • KINETIC systems are engineered to achieve a Vertical, Curve and Lateral wellbore profile. “One Run- One BHA”
  • KINETIC systems are designed to be remote location serviceable at the lowest cost to maintain
  • KINETIC’s wireless short hop open architecture enables customers to utilize their own MWD/LWD, PDM, and Bit technologies seamlessly with KINETIC
  • KINETIC unique automated self-steering systems incorporate AI learning algorithms for accurate directional control

Additionally …

KINETIC™ systems are NOT the limiting design factor in your drilling string!

Here are the reasons :

  • No backpressure requirements for steering control
  • 500+ RPM capacity
  • No LCM limits
  • 800 GPM flow rate capacity
  • Not vulnerable to stick slips