Unconventional Innovation debuts at International Association of Directional Drillers


Kinetic team stood proud at the IADD RSS Exhibit with the new Kontour……..the system has several advantages over existing systems deployed today.

  • Simple design with low parts count implies- high reliability, low cost, field serviceability and overall small footprint.
  • Tool has great shot at being the low cost provider compared to all other tools on the market. Low capital (LIH) and operating cost.
  • Driller friendly system regarding BHA handling and tool control
    • Unlimited Flow rate ( only as MWD limits)
    • Unlimited rotary speed ( only as MWD limits)
    • No LCM limits. ( only as MWD limits)
    • Unique defined pivot placement reduces Tool stresses, which, improves reliability and improves uniform targeted distribution of bit force.
    • System is not dependent on back pressure for bit side force.
    • Run any bit manufacturers bit using standard guidelines from Kinetic
  • Independent control of both toolface and dogleg magnitude, allows a platform for finer automated control and smooth, non tortuous wells
  • Near bit inc and azimuth 6 ft from bit. NonMag system!
  • Real-time Wireless short hop technology for down/up link communications to/from surface, thus no Hard Link between RSS and MWD which traditionally have caused trip for failure on other systems.
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